Discover STORYTELLING by artist Betty Mariani

Introducing artist Betty Mariani's new series of paintings STORYTELLING through an exclusive exhibition at Galerie PopUp! in Paris.

UPDATE: Following the recent government measures regarding the health situation in France, we regret to inform you that the STORYTELLING exhibition is postponed to 2021.

From October 8th to 13th, discover the series STORYTELLING imagined by artist @betty_mariani.

Influenced by the cinema field, the paintings of Betty Mariani borrow the split-screen format from the movies. Used in audiovisual productions as a narrative technic to divise a screen in multiple parts, it allows the simultaneous presentation of diverse scenes and points of views.

The paintings from STORYTELLING series refer to advertising and massive publication of images on internet, social media use and on tv screens. Through this process, Betty Mariani is wondering about our relationship to image, and the notions of identity and intimacy, in a world where digital information and social networks seem to reign supreme. Her work is a reflection of the spirit of our time : split up, connected, scattered and assembled.

Galerie du PopUp! 14 rue Abel 75012 Paris

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